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Respected customers:
Hello! Thank you very much for purchasing the products of JinDongLi Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. In order to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests, our company promises the following services:
1. Provide lifelong maintenance.
2. Within one year from the date of purchasing our machinery and equipment, free warranty will be provided if the product you purchased has performance failure.

Free warranty:
1. The date of purchase is within one year.
2. Non-human failure or damage

Can not enjoy the free warranty:
1. Products that fail to provide valid bills;
2. Over one-year warranty period;
3. Failure or damage caused by failure to use, maintain or keep the product instructions;
4. Failure or damage caused by accident or human factors (including handling, extrusion, knocking, scratch, impact, high temperature, inappropriate input voltage, corrosion, etc.);
5. Failure and damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, war, fire, etc.