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Shielded Inductance Series
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Shielded Inductance Winding Machine

l Loading mode: Fixture, pallet
l Applicable product: Shielded inductance
l Applicable wire diameter:0.1mm-0.35mm(can be multi-stranded)
l line number:Single-line or multi-line
l Number of winding axes:four axle

Model number: AM-PBRX-10

Application: Inductance product is winded by precise single strand or multi-strand.

Performance and parameters

Loading mode: Fixture, pallet

Applicable product: Shielded inductance 

Applicable wire diameter0.1mm-0.35mmcan be multi-stranded

l line number:Single-line or multi-line

Number of winding axes:four axle

Machine capacity: 500-700pcs/h

Winding modespindle turns. Wind

Operation control way:

 l import PLC control, accurate counting, touch-screen operation   interface ensure directly and simply operation, meet numerical control and humanized requirements.

 l With exception automatic alarm system, safety reset, scram button, caution lamp, etc, thorough safety warning fence.

Working environment: 0℃ ~ 50(there no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment.)

Machine size: L1200mm*W700mm*H2000mm

Power supply:AC220V/50HZ

Gas power: 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa

Watt level:3KW

The weight of machine: 350kg

Machine features:

Machine runs stably. The consistence of product is high. The problems that existing products are made by hand, production capacity is low and quality is not stable are solved .


Other functions can be discussed and confirmed in advance according to the requirements of customer.

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