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Common-model Inductance Series
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Fully automatic common mode inductor assembly machine

l Feeding method:Automatic feeding (can be customized according to customer needs into tray feeding, vibrating tray feeding, and other modes);
l Machine capacity:2.8-3.6KPCS/H(depending on product size, glue time);
l Applicable products:Common mode inductor (common mode inductor series);
l Operation control method:It adopts imported PLC control, and the man-machine interface is intuitive and simple, meeting the requirements of numerical control and humanization;
l Working environment:-5 ° C ~ 50 ° C (no corrosive harmful gases, flying dust and other harsh environments)



use:It can be used for core coating and assembly of upper cover for common mode inductor products.

Performance and parameters:

l Feeding method:Automatic feeding (can be customized according to customer needs into tray feeding, vibrating tray feeding, and other modes);

l Machine capacity:2.8-3.6KPCS/H(depending on product size, glue time);

l Applicable products:Common mode inductor (common mode inductor series);

l Operation control method:It adopts imported PLC control, and the man-machine interface is intuitive and simple, meeting the requirements of numerical control and humanization;

l Working environment:-5 ° C ~ 50 ° C (no corrosive harmful gases, flying dust and other harsh environments);

l Machine size:L1500 x W1400x H1700±20mm;

l Gas supply:0.4 ~ 0.7MPa;

l Power size:5.5KW; (including the power of the oven)

l Machine weight:About 350KG;

l Machine features:

  The machine has high versatility, and only needs to replace some special parts to assemble other products of common mode, which is easy to learn and easy to use.

  The 8 stations on the turret are driven by DD motor, which is accurate in segmentation and positioning.

  There are many options for feeding, reasonable structure and high efficiency.

Other functions can be negotiated in advance according to customer requirements.

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