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Semi-automatic and CCD Braiding Machine

l Power supply: single phase AC220V and 50HZ
l Power: 1000W
l Air supply: 0.4~0.7Mpa
l Volume: L1450 x W620x H550mm(developed L2280 x W620 x H630mm).Other specifications can be customized. 7’’,13’’,15’’,22’’ and 24’’ etc discs can be used.
l Net weight: 40KG


Model Number:STS-20

Purpose: Be used for taping and coilingvisual inspectionidentifying orientation of various SMD parts.

  Performance and parameters

Packing mode: manual discharge, automatic sealing and automatic rolling.

Operation way: the setting of touch screen

Packing speed: speed can be adjusted. The quickest speed can reach 400 meter per hour. The operation speed of the machine can be adjusted according to the speed that operator filles parts and the demand of sealing technology.

Applicable scope: the applicability of the machine is strong. The track width12 ~72mmis adjustable.The depth of loaded cavity is 12mm.It can be hot-sealed or be self-sealed for all SMD elements.

Visual contrast system: CCD detects missed matrisals, reverse materials, defected element and wrong direction of element etc cosmetic defects, alarms and stops at designated position. Have point action sealing and horizonal press continuous sealing two modes.Be applied to self-adhesive cover tape and hot sealing cover tape.The pull strength can be adjusted. The temperature is stable and counting is accurate by adopting PLC control. Touch screen liquid crystal display interface is adopted to make operation and setting more simple ,convenient

Have more functions: have the alarm function for inspected material shortage. Front and rear space and actual loading quantity can be set. The quantity of tape transport of every time and the parameter of sealing pressure pause reset time0.1~99.9 secondscan be set.

Power supply: single phase AC220V and 50HZ

Power: 1000W

Air supply: 0.4~0.7Mpa

Volume: L1450 x W620x H550mmdeveloped L2280 x W620 x H630mm.Other specifications can be customized. 7’’,13’’,15’’,22’’ and 24’’ etc discs can be used.

Net weight: 40KG 

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