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Auotomatic test taping packing machine for tube packing IC

l Machine capacity:8-12Kpcs/H.(different types with different capacities).
l Machine size:L925mmxW1200mmxH1200mm
l Face height:about 850mm
l Power supply:AC220V/50HZ
l Air supply: 0.5~0.8Mpa



Use: the taping packages of a variety of tube packing IC products

  Performance and parameter

Loading made: automatic loading, manual placing tubes,each time placing 30 tubes

Packing mode: automatic sealing and furling

l  Taking and loading machanical hand:materials sliding to the discharge end along the dropping track, high precision machanical hand proceed material-taking, under the function of fiber sensor, the mechanical hand without empty taking or dropping, and the place position could be accurate and efficient

Positional accuracy of mechanical hand:±0.02mm

 l Specification of tapes for machine:applicable for 8mm-16mm width tapes packages(cold-sealing and heat-sealing could be customized).

 l Operation modeimport PLC control, stable temperature, accurate counting,touch-screen operation interface ensure directly and simply operation, meet numerical control and humanized requirements.

 l With exception automatic alarm system,safety reset,scram button, caution lamp,etc,thorough safety warning fence.

Machine capacity:8-12Kpcs/H.(different types with different capacities).

Machine size:L925mmxW1200mmxH1200mm

Face height:about 850mm

Power supply:AC220V/50HZ

Air supply: 0.5~0.8Mpa

Working environment: -5~50℃(there is no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment.)

Functions for choice:a CCD recognition system could be added to select products with bad characters,bad pins,bad appearances and other defective performances.

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